Need some help figuring out APA citations? Having issues with EndNote?

Consider attending a library workshop!


Workshops are held in the library and each hour long session is designed to give you a fundamental understanding of the topic. The workshops this semester are centered around helping you understand citations, data management, learning to stream videos, and introducing you to the collections that the library has.


The workshops for this semester include multiple EndNote workshops held throughout the semester and two online citation workshops for APA and MLA. The Research Data Management workshop will teach you about the data you create when you do research and how to manage it. The Streaming Video for Research, Teaching, and Learning workshop will introduce you to the library’s streaming video collection and how it can be used in teaching and for research. The Introduction to Data Management in Biomedical Research workshop will teach you how to properly organize, document, and store your data. The Resources & Collections in European Studies workshop will introduce you to the collections, both physical and digital, that the library has about European languages, literature, and cultures. The Introduction to Open Data Resources workshop will highlight various repositories of open data sets, as well as visualization tools. 

There are also recordings of past workshops available immediately online covering APA and MLA citations, research skills, Zotero and EndNote. 


We look forward to seeing you in the library soon!

Academic Engagement Workshops Spring 2018



Claudia McGivney

Claudia McGivney

Head of Academic Engagement at Stony Brook University Libraries
Claudia McGivney was the Head of Academic Engagement at the Stony Brook University Libraries. Library liaison areas include: School of Professional Development, Education, and Scholar Athlete Program.
Claudia McGivney
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