Faculty Guidelines for Audio-Visual Reserves

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There are two methods to submit your AV Course Reserves requests:

1. Online Audio Visual Reserve & Booking Request Form: Complete and submit the AV online form.   
     When you submit a form, if you use your Stony Brook University email address, you will receive a confirmation copy by email. Please send any communication regarding A.V. Reserve concerns to Peggy Anderson.

Prior to issuing assignments, please confirm that your request has been processed for Reserve.
2. In Person: Instructors must complete the Audio Visual Reserve Request form which may be obtained at the Circulation Desk or from Reserve Staff.
Please allow up to one week to process requests. During peak times, processing may take longer.
Deadlines for returning completed forms: May 20 for the Fall semester; November 20 for Spring semester; and April 1 for Summer Sessions I and II. Expect processing delays for forms submitted after these deadlines. Prior to issuing assignments, please confirm that your request has been processed for Reserves.
The Audio Visual Reserve & Booking Request Form is for teaching assistants and faculty wishing to place videos/DVDs on reserve.
·         AV reserve materials have a 4 hour cannot leave the library loan period.
·         Only the instructor that has the video on course reserve may take the video out of the library for more than 4 hrs.
·         Instructors should make sure that the name(s) of all TAs in charge of borrowing AV material appear on the Reserve form.
·         Booking material will ensure that the video/DVD will be available to you when needed for class screenings. 
·         Instructors are encouraged to “Book” their screening dates to avoid conflicts with other classes. 
·         Any faculty member interested in showing AV material to their class which has already been placed on Reserve by another instructor will need to complete the AV online form. 
·         Faculty may also “Book” non-reserve videos for specific dates with this form.
Personal copies may be added at the discretion of the instructor.  The library cannot assume responsibility for loss or damage. Personal copies must be retrieved at the end of the semester. Materials which cannot be placed on reserve are:
·         unauthorized reproductions of videos/DVDs,
·         Videos borrowed from other libraries or rented from video stores.
The library will order only one copy of any title not owned in the collection, regardless of the number of students in the course or if multiple courses are using the same title. If the library already owns one or more copies, additional copies will not be purchased.  If the library owns more than one copy of a video all copies & formats will be placed on reserve, if requested by multiple classes.
Ordering decisions are made at the discretion of the subject selector and are based on the availability of the material and/or funds.

Copyright law places some restrictions on the use of copyrighted materials.  For more information, see Copyright Policies and Guidelines for Course Reserves.


For information about course reserves, please contact:
Peggy Andersen, 632.1652 or margaret.anderson@stonybrook.edu
Elba Orsland, 632.1652 or elba.orsland@stonybrook.edu