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Public Computers

"Thin Clients" are public workstations, which are used for accessing library databases and the Internet. They do not have applications software, such as word processing. These workstations are located throughout the Libraries. There are 24 in both the Central Reading Room and in the North Reading Room of the Melville Library. Printing from these workstations costs ten cents per page. Some materials can be e-mailed from these computers, but they do not accept floppy disks, and information cannot be downloaded from them.computing

A small number of these workstations are also located on the 2nd floor of the North Reading Room, in the book stacks and in the branch libraries. These computers are intended mainly to be used for looking up materials in STARS, the libraries' online catalog. Catalog users have priority on these workstations.

Dedicated / Special Use Workstations. The Melville Library has several computers that are dedicated to special uses. In the Central Reading Room there is a computer with special software and equipment for researchers using government publications. Another computer in the Central Reading Room contains an electronic version of the Chinese literary classics (Siku Quanshu) in Mandarin Chinese. A third computer includes text enlarging software and other software for the visually disabled.
The North Reading Room houses a special workstation for use with the Patent Depository Collection. Nearby are two computers with mapping and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) software. To use any of these computers, inquire at the Reference Desk in the Central Reading Room, or at the Information counter in the North Reading Room. 

Off-Campus Access

Remote access to the library's collections of web-based resources is available for current Stony Brook faculty, students, and staff. Dial-up, DSL, and cable modem access are supported. Read details about off-campus access to Library collections.

Wireless Connection

Melville Library: Wireless connections are available on the first floor of the Melville Library in the Commuter Lounge, the North Reading Room, and the Branch Libraries. Information about wireless network access is available from the Division of Information Technology.

Laptop computers can be used in the book stacks and in all of the reading rooms. Power outlets are most plentiful in the stacks and in the North Reading Room. Laptop users can access the Internet through ResNet. Public jacks to ResNet can be found on the south wall of all three floors of the book stacks, and in the back of the second floor of the North Reading Room. Visit the Division of Information Technology Web site for more information about public jacks and how to configure your computer to use this network.

Campus Computing Resources