Faculty Guidelines for Electronic Reserves

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Please allow up to one week to process requests. During peak times, processing may take longer.  If you can provide us with a timeline indicating when materials are needed, it will help us with prioritizing the E-reserve scanning.
Reserve staff will scan the requested readings for your course, when it is made available, and add the items as PDFs to Blackboard. This will allow students access to course readings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
Reserve staff must have course builder privileges in order to add requested material to Blackboard.  The course must be available (active) in order for Reserve staff to add items.  Complete the E-Reserves Request Form to have material added.  Access to the documents in E-Reserves will be limited to faculty and students registered for the course.  Include complete citations for each required item, including chapter/article titles and page numbers in order to have your requests processed accurately. The library will not order articles from journals or chapters from books through interlibrary loan.
Acceptable items for E-Reserves course requests:
  • An article from a journal(s) physically owned by the library or supplied by you
  • One chapter from a book owned by the library or supplied by you
  • Music pieces from sound recordings for Music Department classes and seminars, based on Fair Use copyright guidelines for classroom use
Items not accepted for E-Reserves (Reserve staff will not scan):
  • Electronic journal articles - see How to Link Articles in Blackboard
  • Other items available on-line
  • Course packs
  • Personally created anthologies
  • Class notes, papers or tests
How to link articles in Blackboard:
You can link directly from your Blackboard course to articles in the library databases by adding the prefix, https://libproxy.cc.stonybrook.edu/login?url= , to the persistent or stable URL for the article. This will allow students who are off-campus to access the Electronic article.
For example, if the URL for the article is: http://www.jstor.org/stable/431308, the URL added to Blackboard should be: https://libproxy.cc.stonybrook.edu/login?url=http://www.jstor.org/stable...
Step-by-step instructions on how to create a proxied URL are also available.
How to Submit your E-Reserves course requests:
You may process your requests by completing the E-Reserves Request Form.
You may submit your requests by hand, delivering hard copies to the appropriate library, ensuring they are of high quality and legible. For Music Library course reserves, faculty must supply their own photocopies and a duplicate copy of each article to be placed on e-reserve.
Copyright guidelines may restrict the use of copyrighted materials, particularly use of Electronic Reserves. Course packs will not be accepted for Reserves. For more information, see Copyright Policies and Guidelines for Course Reserves.

For information about electronic reserves, please contact the staff member from the appropriate library as listed below: 

Chemistry Library
Meryl Kaufman
Health Sciences Library Peggy Anderson 632-7547   Margaret.Anderson@stonybrook.edu
Main Circulation
Peggy Anderson
Maria Riegert
Joanne Cicerello
Music Library
Gisele Schierhorst
Science and Engineering Library
Elsa Gonzalez

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