Faculty Guidelines for Regular Course Reserves

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Please allow up to one week to process requests. During peak times, or if items have to be ordered, processing will take longer.

The Course Reserve Request Form is for teaching assistants and faculty wishing to place supplemental reading material on reserve.There are two methods to submit your Course Reserves book/reprint requests:

1. Online Course Reserve Request Form: Fill out and submit the online form. Prior to issuing reading assignments, please confirm that your request has been processed for Reserves in the appropriate library. 

2. In Person: Instructors must complete the Reserve Book and/or Periodical Request form which may be obtained from the Circulation Desk or Reserve Staff.   Prior to issuing reading assignments, please confirm that your request has been processed for Reserves in the appropriate library. 

Restricted items:  Materials which cannot be placed on reserve include items borrowed through interlibrary loan, class notes, papers, coursepacks, anthologies, copies of exams, or multiple copies of articles. Instructors may submit personal copies of books or one copy of journal articles.

  • Loan periods for reserve materials vary from 2-hours to 7-days, as requested by the course instructor. 
  • Personal copies may be added at the discretion of the instructor. The library can not assume responsibility for loss or damage. Personal copies must be retrieved prior to the following semester.
  • The library will order only one copy of any title not owned in the collection, regardless of the number of students in the course or if multiple courses are using the same title. If the library already owns one or more copies, additional copies will not be purchased. Multiple copies of books presently owned by the library can be processed for reserve.
  • A maximum of only five copies may be placed on reserve, no matter how many classes or sections require the material. The following formula will apply:
# of students 1 - 15 16 - 30 31 - 50 51 - 75 > 76
# of copies 1 2 3 4 5*

* Ordering decisions are made at the discretion of the subject selector and may be based on available funding.  Books are not ordered from the book store, and depending on availability, orders could take up to 8 weeks.   There is a processing stage that may further delay getting the books placed on reserve.  Confirm that the material is available before making assignments for your class.

Copyright guidelines may restrict the use of copyrighted materials.  For more information, see Copyright Policies and Guidelines for Course Reserves.  

For information about course reserves, please contact the staff member from the appropriate library as listed below:

Chemistry Library Meryl Kaufman 632-7150 Meryl.Kaufman@stonybrook.edu
Main Circulation Peggy Anderson 632-7547 Margaret.Anderson@stonybrook.edu
MASIC Maria Riegert 632-8679 Maria.Riegert@stonybrook.edu
Math/Physics/Astronomy Joanne Cicerello 632-7145 Joanne.Cicerello@stonybrook.edu
Music Library Gisele Schierhorst 632-7097 Gisele.Schierhorst@stonybrook.edu
Science and Engineering Library Elsa Gonzalez 632-7148 Elsa.Gonzales@stonybrook.edu